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Angel readings are messages (from the Greek word Angelos, meaning messenger) between the human and the divine, most commonly created with cards.  We all have a guardian angel, sometimes more than one.  Angels surround us and try to help us.  The Archangels, who are higher Angels, can be called upon if necessary.  Angels can sometimes be perceived as jumping lights in the corners of your eye, white feathers where there aren't supposed to be any, or shiny coins; these are all the calling cards of visiting Angels.
Angels will help you anywhere and at anytime - all you need to do is ask, with love and trust in your heart.  Whether your need is to find a loving relationship, to gain abundance and success in your life, to clarify your hopes and dreams for the future, to find strength, courage or empowerment to fight your battles, or to find self-healing, inner peace and serenity, Angels can give you loving assistance.

Come and discover with me how your own Angels can enhance your life. As a Master Healer and Certified Angel Therapist, I am honored to have an amazing gift to assist you in finding your angels, in helping you to see their interaction in your life and in teaching you to understand their work and their beautiful guidance.

Most people are surprised to learn that Angel Therapy is a non-demonational therapy that can be effective for people of all backgrounds. This type of therapy can assist people of all backgrounds in discovering their ability to receive Divine Guidance and harmonize the various aspects of your life. 

Angel Therapists, such as myself,  (a Advanced Angel Therapist) have been specially trained to utilize their natural abilities to help others tap into their own angelic guidance in a non-threatning and non-judgemental way. I combine my own gifts and visualizations as well as angel music and meditation to open the pathway to explore the Angelic messages that await you. 

My clients have been extraordinarily grateful for these experiences and have been greatly moved and influenced by the healing provided by simply knowing and understanding Divine interaction in their lives. Read more about their experience at our Testimonials.

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