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Beamer's Story

When I first decided to venture out into the Holistic Healing world to share my gifts with others, I knew in my heart that my German Shepherd, "Beamer" would be a part of this creation. Beamer was my rescue dog, who was saved from a terrible fate by a friend who works tirelessly to save abused animals.

As a puppy Beamer was horribly abused; he was kept in a crate, starved and left for dead by a heartless owner. Thanks to a local police officer, Beamer was given another chance when He was found. The officer wrapped Him in a blanket, placed Him in a police cruiser & took Him to the local animal shelter to be cared for. After some veterinary care, food, love & prayers I went to met Beamer & it was love at first site for me. The shelter estimated that He was about 7 months old, (I later designated February 14th as His birthday) even though He was still in horrible shape, a mere 35 lbs, His left ear severely injured & legs so weak that I carried Him around for the first few weeks. His beautiful spirit was already shinning through, as I took Him out into the fresh air & He was so content & courious being out in nature!

With lots of loving care & patience Beamer's weight evened out at about 120 lbs, a gentle giant of pure light & love. It was a privilege to share 8 beautiful years of unconditional love with this being. Watching Him grow and adjust despite His abusive beginning, gave me the inspiration to start my holistic business. Because of my gifts I saw that this beautiful dog of mine was always surrounded by an aura of white light.

And so, "Beams of Light" was named for a loving puppy who has truly been an inspiration in my life, guiding me to reach out to those who are searching for what I have found.
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